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Solution-based design is what we are all about. Let us help you expand your location to fit the needs of your farm setting. For example, we can design a grain pit to handle your grain trailers or gravity wagon capacities to speed up the rotation time from the field to your home site.  We can also design receiving wet or dry legs that are tall enough to reach your gravity spout to each of your locations with a flat back distributor. Whatever your needs may be, we can figure out a solution from start to finish!


• Bucket Elevators

• Distributors

• New Storage

• Towers

• Catwalks


• Conveyors

• Augers

• Overhead Load-Out

• New Storage Tanks


•Truck Scales

featured projects


• 10K BPH Receiving Leg / 5K BPH Dry Leg 140' Dischareg Height
• 14x14 Free Standing Support Tower w/ Switchback Stairs 140' OAH
• 10K BPH IC Receiving Pit w/ 1100 Capacity Gravity Pit
• 14" Dual Inlet Swingset Distributor
• 2700 BPH Tower Dryer
• 5500BPH Gravity Screener
• 10K BPH Fill Conveyors
• 7500 BPH Reclaim Conveyors
• 2-78 Dia Tanks 308,701 Bushels Each
• 1-48 Dia Tank 124,058 Bushel Tank
• 5K Bushel Overhead Loadout Tank


• 6K BPH 10" Loop System
• 6K BPH Single Pit Dump
• 2-8x8 Free Standing Support Tower 70' OAH w/ Ladder Access
• 4-4' Wide Structure Support Tower 74' OAH w/ 2 Way Knee Braces
• 2500 Bushel Overhead Loadout Tank
• 2K BPH Conventional Dryer
• 42 Dia Tank 60,100 Bushel
• 30 Dia Tank 15,712 Bushel
• 4-60 Dai Tanks 143,918 Bushels Each


• 7500 BPH Receiving Leg 110' Discharge Height
• 12" - 4 Duct Flatback Distributor
• 12x12 Free Standing Support Tower 110' OAH w/ Wrap Around Stairs
• 7500 Single Dump Pit Conveyor W/ 20 Degree Bend Section
• 2-6' Wide Open Handrail Catwalk 300' long
• 4-7500 BPH Fill Conveyors W/ Intermediate Gates to Fill Existing Bins
• 16-48 Dia Bins 60,690 Bushel Capacity Each
• 6- 8' wide Two Legged Catwalk Support Towers 55' OAH
• 2-4x8 Free Standing Support Tower 55' OAH

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