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Grain elevator designs vary depending on the amount of grain your business processes. You can choose from a wide variety of options for moving grain throughout your facility, by changing the equipment you already have, or by adjusting the BPH your equipment can handle.  From new storage, a renovation, or as simple as adding a piece of equipment to help your location run more efficiently, let us help you by coming up with a solution to your problems.


• Bucket Elevators

• Distributors

• Conveyors

• Towers


• Catwalks

• Cleaners/Scalpers

• Bulk Weighers

• New Storage

• Automated Systems

featured projects


• 20K BPH Receiving Leg 170' Discharge Height
• 20K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit
• 20" 6 Duct Flatback Distributor
• 14x14 Free Standing Support Tower 170' Tall w/ Switchback Stairs
• 20K BPH Fill Conveyors w/ Drop Through Conveyor Gates
• 6' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 260' Long
• 2-4x8 Free Standing Support Towers 132' Tall
• 2- GM 6000 Bushel Overhead Storage Tanks
• 3-78 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 425,498 Bushel Capacity Each
• 20K BPH Reclaim System to Feed Receiving Leg


• 20K BPH Receiving Leg 185' Discharge Height
• 20K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit "L" Style
• 20" 8 Duct SwingSet Distributor
• 16x24 Free Standing Support Tower 180' OAH
• 20K BPH Fill Conveyors
• 9' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 120' long
• 4-60 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 266,755 Bushel Capacity Each
• 30K BPH Reclaim Systems W/ Bypass Inlet under Center Sump
• 60K BPH Rail Loadout Scale
• 60K BPH Rail Leg 135' Tall
• 2- Square Overhead Loadout tanks 3820 Bushel capacity Each


• 15K BPH Receiving Leg 150' Discharge Height
• 15K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit "L" Style
• 18" 4 Duct Faltback Distributor
• 12x12 Free Standing Support Tower 150' Tall W/ Wrap Around Stairs
• 2- 6' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 100' Long
• 2- 4x8 Free Standing Support Tower 130' OAH
• 2-78 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 437,846 Bushel Capacity Each
• 10K BPH Reclaim Conveyors W/ bypass Inlet under Center Sump 10 Degree Incline
• 6000 Bushel Overhead Steel Storage Tank

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