Ag Design, LLC is owned and operated by Nathan White. Before starting Ag Design, Nathan worked as millwright for 9 years starting in 1999. During that time, he was a lead man, repairing deficiencies and expanding multiple locations either for farmers or commercial COOPs, to help ready them for the harvest to come. 

He completed his degree in Mechanical Design in 2002, then he decided to turn his talents to agricultural design in 2006. Since then, he has been providing detailed professional designs to farmers and commercial grain companies.  Let Nathan put his experience as a millwright to work for you.            

Our Commitment

Serving Iowa and surrounding states, we design commercial grain elevators, farmer elevators, electrical designs, millwright designs, mechanical designs, grain legs, bucket elevators, and more. At Ag Design, we are committed to quality, honesty, and integrity. We want to work with you to solve the problems between you and higher profits. Contact us to talk about solutions today!

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